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Campus Emergency Procedures

Please register for Rave Emergency Alerts. These alerts cover emergency situations at Everett Community College. Washington State University (WSU) Everett is located on the EvCC campus, so these alerts apply to WSU Everett. Click ‘Register’ in the upper-right quadrant.
An online identification from WSU or EvCC is not required.

WSU Everett is committed to maintaining the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the campus. As part of this commitment, provided on this site are descriptions of some actions that may be implemented in response to a campus emergency and information on actions individuals may take in response to specific types of emergencies.


As required by the Clery Act, WSU Everett publishes an annual security report containing certain university safety and security information and three years of relevant campus crime statistics (if any). Knowledge is power; make informed decisions by reading the most recent report here.


Pre-planning for an emergency will give you the best chance of escaping and avoiding injury. It is important to understand that there is often no “one size fits all” response to an emergency situation – circumstances will vary, and individuals must evaluate their surroundings and respond in the manner best suited to their own situation. In recognition of this, WSU advises everyone to follow the “Alert, Assess, Act” model:

Be Alert to developing incidents, be aware of your surroundings, and know your escape routes

Assess your situation, determine how to respond

Act to ensure your own safety

Please explore the topics below to learn more about responses to specific emergency situations.


In an emergency situation at WSU Everett, one of three responses will typically be advised by campus administration and local emergency responders. These are:



Shelter In Place

You should also be prepared for specific types of emergencies, including:



To report an accident/incident, submit all work-related incident reports online via the WSU Incident Report Form.