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The WSU Everett Advising Partnership

WSU Everett academic advisors work in partnership and share valuable information, experience, and insight with students to inform their decisions as they evaluate and realize their personal, educational, and career potential.

Working alongside students, our academic advisors:

  • Support students in developing meaningful personal, educational, and career goals that are consistent with their own interests, values, and abilities;
  • Guide students through the planning and decision-making processes associated with the achievement of their goals;
  • Assist students in utilizing academic success resources in order to achieve their goals;
  • Empower students to become self-directed, autonomous learners who take full advantage of the opportunities and network afforded to them as part of their EverCoug education and experience.

In turn, WSU Everett students (aka “EverCougs”) are responsible for their personal, educational, and career goals and the decisions and actions related to the pursuit of those goals. Hence, the role of the EverCoug is to appropriately apply the information, experience, and insight shared by their academic advisor to the planning and decision-making process as they work to explore and achieve their goals.

Emma Pesis, M.S.

(425) 405-1600

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Academic Coordinator for:

Jill Shafer 

(509) 335-0698

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Academic Coordinator for:

Darcie Bagott

(509) 335-6387

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