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Campus Emergency Procedures | Shelter in Place

A “Shelter in Place” is a modified lockdown in which people may continue to move about inside a building, but it is unsafe to go outdoors. Examples of situations which might require a Shelter in Place order include severe weather, such as strong thunderstorms, or nearby transportation accidents or fires which release contaminants to the air around campus. Shelter in Place will be initiated by broadcast on the campus public address system, transmitted by telephone, e-mail, or text message, or by a combination of these methods.

When a Shelter in Place order is given, the following procedures are to be implemented immediately:

If you are inside a building:

  • Simply remain indoors until an “All Clear” message is sent.
  • Follow directions of campus administration and emergency responders. Depending on the circumstances which caused the Shelter in Place, other actions may be needed to ensure safety of the campus community (for example, in severe weather, you may be directed to stay away from exterior windows).
  • Do not leave the room, unless it becomes unsafe to stay there. Wait quietly in your location until law enforcement and/or campus officials notify you it is safe to leave. This could take several hours, depending on the circumstances.

If you are outside of a building:

  • Get inside the closest building and remain there.

Emergency Procedures

In an emergency situation at WSU Everett, one of three responses will typically be advised by campus administration and local emergency responders. These are:



Shelter In Place


Register here for campus emergency alerts. These alerts cover emergency situations at Everett Community College. WSU Everett is located on the EvCC campus, so these alerts apply to WSU Everett. Click ‘Register’ in the upper-right quadrant. An online identification from WSU or EvCC is not required.