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Education that works with you.

At WSU Everett, we pride ourselves on being a campus dedicated entirely to transfer students. Our focus is on providing upper-division courses that seamlessly bridge the gap for students aiming to complete their bachelor’s degrees. We welcome students from various institutions in the region, including Everett Community College, Edmonds College, Bellevue College, Cascadia College, Skagit Valley Community College, Shoreline Community College, and many others.

We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of transfer students, and our tailored approach ensures that every student feels at home from the moment they step onto our campus.

A Unique Transfer Experience:
Every aspect of WSU Everett is designed with the transfer student in mind. From our specialized advising to our flexible course schedules, we ensure that the transition is smooth, the experience is enriching, and the path to graduation is clear.

World-Renowned Research Meets Community Growth:
Being a part of WSU, a globally recognized research university, our students benefit from cutting-edge resources, research opportunities, and a network that spans the globe. But it’s not just about global reach; it’s about local impact. Rooted in the principles of a land-grant institution, WSU Everett is deeply committed to fostering community and economic growth. We believe in the power of education to uplift communities, drive innovation, and pave the way for a brighter future.

Dedication Beyond the Classroom:
Our commitment goes beyond academics. At WSU Everett, we recognize the diverse backgrounds of our students – from working parents and career changers to veterans. Our “Education that works with you” philosophy is a testament to our dedication to every student, ensuring that a bachelor’s degree is accessible, meaningful, and tailored to their unique journey.


Hear Directly from Our Students

To truly understand the WSU Everett experience, who better to hear from than our very own transfer students? Dive into this student-produced video, where one of our dedicated transfer students offers a firsthand glimpse into life on campus, the vibrant community, and the unique opportunities that make WSU Everett stand out. Witness the passion, commitment, and transformative journey that defines our institution through the eyes of those who know it best.

Join the WSU Everett Community!

If you’re looking for a university that understands the transfer experience, values community impact, and offers the prestige of a world-renowned institution, WSU Everett is the place for you. Become a part of our vibrant community and see how we make the transfer journey not just a process but a transformative experience.