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Keep up your momentum at WSU Everett

WSU Everett

COVID-19 UPDATE: Students, please complete this survey to help us understand the impacts this will have on your learning experience. Please see this guide of several WSU and community resources that have frequently been requested and building access information can be found here. For Washington State University information on COVID-19, please visit this website.

Washington State University Everett provides industry-aligned undergraduate programs with an interdisciplinary focus in the Puget Sound to prepare students to compete globally from the local economy.

We bring WSU’s world-class academics and research to you in small class sizes and with hands-on, project-based opportunities. WSU currently offers seven high-demand bachelor’s degrees in Everett, Wash. Faculty from programs in Everett report directly to WSU leadership to ensure the same quality of delivery for students.

Fulfill the general education requirements by taking your first two years of courses at any community college, and then finish your degree by enrolling at WSU Everett for your junior and senior years. You’ll learn from WSU professors in Everett and take online courses through WSU’s nationally ranked Global Campus. Or dual-enroll at both your community college and WSU Everett to save money and access WSU advising right out of high school. You can save $10,000 or more by living at home, or you can live in student housing in partnership with Everett Community College.

When you finish, you’ll have all the advantages a Washington State University degree confers, the same degree earned from any WSU campus, but closer to home.

The Everett Advantage

Our two + two model (two years at any community college + two years at WSU Everett) makes getting a four-year degree more affordable. You can save money by fulfilling your first two years at any community college and you have the opportunity to save money on living expenses by staying close to home.

You can apply now to WSU Everett degree-completion programs offered by the Carson College of Business, College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences, Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, and Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture:

Our state-of-the-art Washington State University building is located at 915 N. Broadway! The building is home to WSU Everett and Everett University Center programs, and the WSU Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension. WSU Everett is also a clinical campus of the WSU Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. If you are considering applying, schedule a visit today!