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Bachelor of Science in

Data Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

We are excited that you’re interested in taking the next step in your educational journey with Washington State University Everett! There are many reasons to complete your bachelor’s degree; financial and personal. Higher education is the surest path to both opportunity and earning power. A bachelor’s degree provides not only the hard skills necessary in the job market, but also critical thinking skills, a path to individual and personal growth and the chance to give back to your community.

Data analytics is the application of powerful new methods – drawn from computer science, mathematics and statistics, and domain sciences – to collect, curate, analyze, discover and communicate knowledge from “big data.” Washington State University is one of two research universities (and the only one west of the Mississippi) to offer an undergraduate degree specifically designed to prepare students for leadership in data analytics.

Data analytics tools and techniques are used by many different industries to create, manage, explore, and analyze large, complex datasets, in order to evaluate past performance, predict future trends, and make better decisions. There has been an explosion of demand for skilled data analysts who can communicate, solve problems, and work effectively in teams.

Admissions Counselor 


Program Advisor

Jill Shafer

Financial Support 

Scholarships can be an important part of paying for your college degree. The most important thing you can do is submit the WSU General Scholarship Application every year by January 31.

Program Courses & Curriculum

The WSU Data Analytics major is in the College of Arts and Sciences and now available at WSU Everett.

Students can transfer into the data analytics program from a variety of academic backgrounds, though additional time to graduation may be required if core coursework is lacking. The more core certification courses that are completed prior to transfer, the sooner you can certify in the program. Please talk to an adviser for detailed information on transfer credits and your estimated graduation date.

The WSU data analytics core curriculum and specialization tracks develop strong technical skills and working knowledge of an application area, combined with strong communication skills and the ability to work in teams.

The bachelor of science in data analytics requires:

  • Core courses in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and philosophy.
  • Completion of a specialization track. WSU Everett offers the Actuarial and Business tracks. Alternatively, students have the option to select a formal minor.
  • Satisfaction of the WSU general education (UCORE) requirements
  • Electives sufficient to complete a minimum of 120 credits overall

How to Apply

  1. Transcripts showing coursework to-date are required before your initial application can be evaluated. Prospective students should first meet with the WSU Everett Data Analytics program adviser to review your transfer credits.
  2. APPLY using the Transfer Student Application.
    – Select “WSU Everett” as your campus and “Data Analytics” as your academic interest.
  3. Updated official transcripts will be required once grades are posted for spring and summer (if you enroll in courses). Contact all previous colleges and have them send official transcripts to:

    Washington State University Everett
    Enrollment Services
    915 N. Broadway
    Everett, WA  98201
  4. The academic adviser will contact you and help you apply for certification into the Data Analytics program.
  5. Pay the WSU tuition deposit, which confirms acceptance of your admission offer.
    NOTE: This deposit is nonrefundable; pay the deposit only after you are certified into the Data Analytics program

WSU Requirement to be aware of:
While you can surely take care of your graduation requirements after you enroll, preparing in advance for the WSU Writing Portfolio can help you make the most of your time, both before you transfer and after.

Writing Portfolio 

All students at WSU are required to complete a writing portfolio after reaching 60 credits, which is generally during the junior year.

The writing portfolio consists of two parts:

  • A packet containing two samples of original, graded writing from two different college courses
  • A two-part impromptu timed essay

Keep all the papers you write for your college courses. You can use papers written for classes you took at your previous college in your portfolio packet.

See the university writing portfolio guidelines for more information or ask your advisor.