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University Writing Portfolio (UWP)

What is the UWP?

The UWP is a mid-career diagnostic used to determine if students’ writing abilities demonstrate readiness for the writing demands of advanced level courses in their academic program. Completion of the University Writing Portfolio is a graduation requirement at WSU. Upon reaching 60 credits, students receive a registration hold as indication that their University Writing Portfolio is due. While there is not a precise “due date” for the UWP, students must submit during the term in which they have 60 credits and are welcome to submit anytime before then.

Purpose of the UWP

The UWP aims to recognize the standard of writing expected of all WSU students, honor the effort of all students in becoming effective writers, and identify students who will need additional support in their writing-intensive upper-division courses (M Courses and capstones). The Writing Center provides the additional support as determined through the UWP.

  • Students are required to submit two academic papers they’ve written that best demonstrate their writing abilities and strengths.
  • Within the submission site, students will reflect on these pieces of writing in order to articulate what the texts show about their capabilities as college writers.
How to submit the UWP
  • Beginning in the fall term of 2020, students will submit their University Writing Portfolio (UWP) online rather than with printed copies or in-person.
  • The Writing Program is currently using Qualtrics as the submission platform.
  • Students with a registration hold will see their hold removed within 24 hours of submitting in Qualtrics (if submitted on a weekday). The Writing Program releases holds each week day.
Important Links & Dates:

Campus Writing Portfolio Office:

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Submission Link 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the following are 
no longer required:

  • Timed writing component of the UWP
  • Faculty signatures
  • Drafts with grades or faculty comments

Submission Requirements & Process

Please follow the instructions in this section diligently. Failing to follow submission instructions will lead to delayed processing of your UWP and a delay in the removal of the registration hold in myWSU.

What to submit

What to submit?

Select two academic essays or papers that you’ve written for college-level courses that you think demonstrate your best writing.

The readers of the UWP are reviewing your work to ensure that you have the foundation of abilities and skills necessary for success in upper-division, writing-intensive courses in your major. Here are some traits to look for as you deliberate which essays or papers to include:

  • In-depth writing: Your writing is developed well enough to capture the important aspects of your writing topic. This includes any detailed description, explanation, or narration.
  • Analytical/Critical thinking: Your writing demonstrates your thoughtfulness in drawing connections across different ideas and experiences, explaining the way things are and why they are so, or developing a position or argument on issues or readings and supporting it with property attributed evidence.
  • Organization: Your writing demonstrates that you thoughtfully placed and connected your ideas. Your organization of ideas into sentences and paragraphs seems intentional.
  • Clarity: You are aware of your audience and write for your reader to understand your thoughts or what the paper is about. You deliberately established and maintained a focus. Your writing clearly expresses your ideas.

Within the submission site, you will reflect on each essay or paper that you’ve selected with the above features in mind. The UWP readers will read your answers to the reflection questions as additional texts within your University Writing Portfolio. In other words, your reflection answers are considered additional texts in the UWP.

Additional information to prepare: course info for each paper (i.e. fall 2020 Bio 106) and a summary of the assignment for each paper
Recommended minimum word count for each paper: 500

How to submit

How to submit:

Click this link once you are ready to submit: UWP Sept 13 – Sept 24 (opens in new window)

For more information, please check out the FAQ page: UWP Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Academic integrity is the cornerstone of the university. Any student who attempts to gain an unfair advantage over other students by cheating will have to submit a new University Writing Portfolio and will be reported to the Office Student Standards and Accountability. Cheating is further defined in the Standards for Student Conduct for students, WAC 504-26-010 (3). Read more about WAC 504-26-010.



University Writing Portfolio submissions will be read and evaluated by members of the Writing Program’s UWP assessment team which includes faculty, instructors, and para-professional responders from all departments and disciplines who have been trained to review UWP submissions in light of the goals and purposes of the assessment. If a reader has concerns about a student’s writing or readiness for upper-division writing endeavors, they may assign a further course requirement, most commonly in the form of a 1-credit course designed to support you as you work on writing-intensive courses such as M Courses. Portfolios are read by two members of the assessment team before the course is official assigned. Results will be communicated through myWsu.

Completed: The work shows a proficiency in writing suitable for upper-division work at WSU. The University Writing Portfolio requirement will be fulfilled.

In progress: The work shows a need for additional, structured writing assistance in upper-division course work. The student will be required to take additional course work in the form of a one-credit writing collaborative (WRIT 205 or WRIT 302) taken in conjunction with a Writing in the Major [M] courses, or a three-credit writing course. The student must complete the additional course assigned in order to satisfy the University Writing Portfolio requirement.

For more information, please check out our FAQ page: UWP Frequently Asked Questions