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We are excited that you’re interested in taking the next step in your educational journey with Washington State University Everett! There are many reasons to complete your bachelor’s degree; financial and personal. Higher education is the surest path to both opportunity and earning power. A bachelor’s degree provides not only the hard skills necessary in the job market, but also critical thinking skills, a path to individual and personal growth and the chance to give back to your community.

The WSU mechanical engineering program at WSU Everett is a two-year, full-time bachelor’s degree completion program for transfer students. Most courses are taught in person by WSU faculty in Everett, and additional courses are taught via interactive video from WSU Pullman, or online through the University’s nationally ranked Global Campus program.

Visiting faculty and industry experts also teach selected courses, so you can learn directly from people who are on the cutting edge of manufacturing, automation, robotics, next-generation transportation systems, and more. Local companies offer mentoring and internship opportunities that prepare you for jobs after graduation. WSU faculty and staff are on the Everett campus to provide academic and career advising.

The WSU mechanical engineering program at WSU Everett is an extension of the ABET-accredited mechanical engineering program at WSU Pullman.

Admissions Counselor 


Academic Advisor

Lynne Szymanski

Financial Support

Each year, the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering (MME) awards scholarships from over 30 different sponsors to sophomore, junior, senior students. Scholarships for first-year and new transfer students are awarded at the University or Voiland College level.

Scholarships can be an important part of paying for your college degree. The most important thing you can do is submit the WSU General Scholarship Application every year by January 31.


To be eligible for the WSU mechanical engineering degree program, you will need to complete the Program Acceptance Requirements.

How to Apply

Applying to the Program:

The WSU mechanical engineering program at WSU Everett accepts entering students for fall semester only.

  1. Complete your application online, selecting North Puget Sound at Everett as your campus.
  2. Submit official transcripts showing coursework to-date. Updated official transcripts will be required once grades are posted for spring and summer (if you enroll in courses). Contact all previous colleges and have them send official transcripts to:

    Washington State University Everett

    Enrollment Services
    915 N. Broadway
    Everett, WA  98201

  3. An academic coordinator will review your application and transcript(s) for prerequisites to acceptance into the mechanical engineering program and contact you for next steps.

General Timeline:

August 1:
The WSU application opens for students applying to enter the WSU Everett program in Spring or Fall.

January 31:
Priority will be given to Fall applicants who have submitted all required application material (including official transcripts).

May 15:
Notification of Admission Decisions (for complete Fall applications received by January 31).

June 1:
Students respond to offers of Fall admission.

The application process will continue until all seats for the program are filled.

Current WSU Pullman ME students who wish to transfer to Everett:

Students who are currently certified in the ME major in Pullman should contact the academic advisor in Everett to determine feasibility and eligibility. GPA is a consideration as is completion of the same prerequisites as all other transfer applicants. Evaluation of coursework still needed to complete the degree vs. the schedule of courses offered is another consideration. 

Students who are not yet certified should check that all prerequisites are completed (or will be completed prior to the desired start term). Contact the academic coordinator in Everett with any questions.