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Washington State needs skilled cybersecurity specialists to protect information and assets.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 35% job growth rate for information security analysts between 2021 and 2031 – as cyberattacks increase, organizations continue to need skilled professionals to improve information security. 

Earning a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity from WSU Everett will jump-start your career in this exciting and rapidly growing field. The knowledge and skills gained through a bachelor’s degree program can open up many doors and opportunities!

Job Demand: The demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals is growing rapidly as more businesses and organizations require professionals to protect their digital assets and information.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Cybersecurity professionals play a crucial role in protecting power grids, financial systems, and government agencies, which are all vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Career Advancement: With a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, you can advance to higher-level positions and increase your earning potential! According to, an entry-level Cyber Security Analyst’s salary range is $73,893 – $88,556 in Everett.

Knowledge and Skills: The degree program provides a strong foundation in everything you need to succeed in the field, including cybersecurity principles, network security, cyber law, and ethical hacking.

Industry Recognition: A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is widely recognized and respected in the industry and can help you stand out when applying for jobs.

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Cybersecurity at WSU Everett is a 2-year degree completion program. Students interested in applying must be Calculus-ready and make their intention known upon application. Calculus-ready is defined as:

  • An ALEKS math placement score of 78% or higher or completion of MATH 108

as well as MATH 171 or higher calculus course with a grade of C or better


  • Math AP with a score of 2 or 3


  • Achieving a CLEP score of 50

While additional prerequisites are not needed to enroll at WSU Everett’s Cybersecurity program, access to 300-400 level courses are limited to those who have passed their lower-division courses. Some of these 100-200 level courses are offered at WSU, but many can be taken at community colleges and other universities and transferred over, and/or taken concurrently with WSU courses:

  • CPT_S 121 or 131 (CS& 131 or 141) – Program Design and Development C/C++ or Java
  • CPT_S 122 or 132 (CS& 132 or 143) – Data Structures C/C++ or Java
  • CPT_S 223 or 233 (CS& 233 or 244) – Adv. Data Structures C/C++ or Java
  • MATH 220 – Linear Algebra


  • MATH 225 (MATH&260) – Linear Algebra with Modern Applications
  • CPT_S 260 (CS&260) – Introduction to Computer Architecture


  • E_E 234 – Microprocessor systems
  • As well as courses that satisfy the WSU general education (UCORE) requirements.

Check out the WSU Catalog for the most recent changes to courses and degree requirements.

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Cybersecurity is a job sector on the upswing, with a job demand 12 times faster than the supply of professionals to fill open positions. Ready to take your next step in this exciting and lucrative career? Connect with an admissions counselor today!