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Progress on new Everett University Center building


EVERETT, Wash. – July 15, 2015 – During the 2015 legislative session, Washington State University secured $54.6 million to begin construction on the four-story Everett University Center building on Broadway. Now the City of Everett has determined that the project will not have an adverse impact on the environment.

“This Determination of Non-Significance from the City of Everett is a major step toward realizing our vision of expanding access to high-quality four-year and graduate degree programs in the North Puget Sound region,” said WSU North Puget Sound at Everett academic dean Paul Pitre. “In the fall of 2017, incoming students will be able to enjoy a new building that will house state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories.”

The new, 95,000 square foot academic building will be located across the street from Everett Community College and will add 193 parking spaces on an adjacent lot. The building will house baccalaureate degree programs from Everett University Center partners, including WSU North Puget Sound at Everett, Western Washington University, Central Washington University, University of Washington-Bothell, Eastern Washington University, The Evergreen State College and Hope International University. A groundbreaking ceremony for the new building will be announced soon.

WSU had requested $61.1 million for the building. “We do believe this is a $61 million building and we are going to do the best we can with the resources we have been entrusted with,” said Pitre.

WSU North Puget Sound at Everett currently offers degree programs in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hospitality business management and integrated communication, and thanks to $2.4 million from the Washington State Legislature, will offer degree programs in software engineering and data analytics starting in the fall of 2016.

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