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Facilities requests

WSU Everett Facility

WSU Everett is located at 915 North Broadway. The four-story, 95,000 square foot building includes engineering, power and computer laboratories, active learning and general classrooms, a tiered-lecture hall, a math and writing center, an enrollment services center, a café operated by Bargreen Coffee, administrative and faculty offices, and various rooms for students to study and work collaboratively. On the first floor, the Boeing Innovation Studio includes state-of-the-art machining equipment for students.

The facilities staff is committed to ensuring long-term stewardship of the environment, grounds and physical facilities through responsible management of the building, grounds, infrastructure and utilities, mail and package deliveries, and performing related services to enable their productive use and enjoyment by present and future students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the public.

Facilities requests

We appreciate you contacting us, especially when you notice problems such as spills, broken items, strange odors, leaks, etc. Your eyes, ears and noses help us to become aware of any issues and be able to better maintain the campus safely and effectively.

For all facility requests, please complete the work order request form below for a maintenance problem in a classroom, office, meeting room, work room or restroom. For emergency requests that need immediate attention, please call Bobby or Melody, then fill out the form below.

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Photo of Cheryl Blackburn
Facilities Administrator 
Cheryl Blackburn

Photo of Bobby
Facilities Manager
Bobby Christenson

Building Assistant
Becky Duskin