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You’re considered a post-bachelor’s degree student for admission purposes if you have already earned a bachelor’s degree from a school other than WSU.

How to apply:

1. Complete the post-bachelor’s admission application.

2. Request official transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended. If your coursework at your current college/university isn’t complete, you’ll also need to send a copy of your final transcript to WSU once grades have posted. Official transcripts and test scores must be sent directly from the school or testing agency to WSU via secure electronic document transfer, fax or mail. Email is not accepted.
Please mail official transcripts to:

Washington State University Everett
Office of Admissions
915 N. Broadway
Everett, WA 98201

Some degree programs (business, architecture, engineering and communication, for instance) require prerequisites beyond the standard general education requirements. Contact the academic department to find out if you’ll need to meet additional requirements before taking courses in your major.

Note: This is a guide to the admission process, not a statement of policy. See the WSU General Catalog for official requirements and regulations.