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WSU Everett students earn $800 scholarship in video competition

EVERETT, Wash. – Nov. 7, 2016 – WSU Everett students took second place and won an $800 scholarship in a WSU Foundation video competition that asked students to answer the question, “Why WSU?”

“I love WSU because it provides us, as students, the opportunity to be involved in [the Mars rover] project and others like it,” WSU Everett mechanical engineering senior Mitch Elder said in the video. “Everything we do here at the Everett mechanical engineering program is entirely focused on making us the best qualified applicant for any job that we pursue after graduation.”

“This year, I’m the president of the Engineering Club and the project lead for the Mars rover team – the same Mars rover that took second place in the international University Rover Challenge in June. Our sponsors, including the WSU Foundation, played a vital role in our success,” Elder said. “Thanks to the WSU Foundation, companies like Electroimpact, Janicki Industries, Metal Supermarkets and Pacific Power Batteries were able to donate materials and funding to help us build the country’s best Mars rover and compete in Hanksville, Utah.”

The scholarship will be applied to the WSU Everett Engineering Club as they prepare to compete in next year’s University Rover Challenge. Donors can make a contribution to the WSU Everett Engineering Club online here. The video, which was edited by mechanical engineering senior Amna Kahn, can be seen below: