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WSU Everett Latest News


Washington State University Everett will fulfill its promise to the western Washington region with one of the state’s leading public undergraduate baccalaureate programs—preeminent in STEM education, innovation, research, and application.


Our primary charge is to greatly expand access to high quality baccalaureate and graduate degree programs in the region and the state.  With a focus on STEM undergraduate education, research, scientific inquiry, innovation, entrepreneurship, global interconnectivity, and sustainable growth, WSU Everett will address key region and state economic development needs – while readying graduates and associates, for successful practice and leadership in a rapidly changing, less vertically integrated, and globally-connected world.

Six Strategic Themes 2017-2027

Theme I:  Improved Education Access
Theme II:  Active Learning – Student Engagement
Theme III:  Public-Private Partnerships – Outreach
Theme IV:  Institutional, Local, and Global Impact
Theme V:  Education and Research Excellence
Theme VI:  Organizational Capacity and Sustainability

Inquiries and correspondence should be directed to:

Paul E. Pitre, Ph.D.
Washington State University Everett