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University Writing Portfolio

Because writing skills can make the difference between success and failure in the professional world, all of the University’s degree programs include writing-intensive courses that prepare you to communicate in your chosen field.

As part of this university-wide writing emphasis, students at WSU are required to assemble a junior writing portfolio once they complete 60 semester credits. (Those who started college before fall 1991 or are seeking a second bachelor’s degree are exempt.)

The University Writing Portfolio is a mid-career diagnostic that evaluates your readiness for the writing demands of upper-division courses and courses in your major — and helps your advisers connect you with classes and resources that can build your writing skills if they need more work.

If you have reached 60 credits before you apply at WSU, you may see a registration hold in your student account; in that case, you will be able to register for your first semester, but will need to complete the writing portfolio before your second semester.

Changes to the University Writing Portfolio in 2020:


Beginning in the fall term of 2020, students will submit their University Writing Portfolio (UWP) online through My.Wsu. Students will no longer fulfill or submit any aspect of the UWP in person or in paper form. Additionally, the Writing Program has eliminated the Timed Write component of the UWP.

Three Texts, No Timed Write

Beginning in fall of 2020, students will submit three documents as the entirety of the University Writing Portfolio (UWP). Two of the documents included will be texts written for college-level courses. The third document will be a reflective essay; a prompt for this essay will guide students in considering and then explaining what the the two documents show about their abilities and strengths as a writer.


Students will see the UWP in the “Task” tile on their My.Wsu homepage, and they will have a registration hold placed on their account at 60 credits requiring them to finish this task, if they have not yet done so. Students will upload their texts into My.Wsu through this “Task” tile and will submit their completed portfolio for evaluation once all three texts have been uploaded. Feedback and results will also be communicated back to students through My.Wsu.


Because the writing portfolio fulfills a UCORE Requirement, it will be evaluated by a cross-departmental committee of WSU faculty. The committee will give it one of three ratings:

Completed with Distinction
The work represents the top 10% of WSU junior-level writing. This achievement will be entered into your WSU transcript. Your writing portfolio requirement will be fulfilled.

The work shows a proficiency in writing suitable for upper-division work at WSU. Your writing portfolio requirement will be fulfilled.

In Progress
The work shows a need for additional, structured writing assistance in upper-division course work. You will be required to take additional course work in the form of a one-credit writing collaborative taken in conjunction with one of your writing in the Major [M] courses, or a three-credit writing course. You must complete the additional course assigned to you in order to satisfy the writing portfolio requirement.

In the case you believe the evaluation result is inaccurate, you have 120 days to formally appeal the decision. 

Important forms: