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WSU Everett Latest News

The undergraduate programs are based on an innovative and cost-saving 2+2 model. Students take their general education requirements at any community college, then transfer to WSU for their junior and senior years.

Everett University Center offers 26 bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs through partner universities, including: Washington State University; Western Washington University; Eastern Washington University; University of Washington Bothell; and Hope International University. WSU Everett currently hosts six undergraduate degree-completion programs.

Mechanical Engineering, est. 2012
Graduates: 86
Spring 2017 students: 72

Electrical Engineering, est. 2014
Graduates: 14
Spring 2017 students: 57

Integrated Strategic Communication, est. 2014
Graduates: 31
Spring 2017 students: 57

Hospitality Business Management, est. 2014
Graduates: 13
Spring 2017 students: 25

Software Engineering, est. 2016
Graduates: N/A
Spring 2017 students: 5

Data Analytics, est. 2016
Graduates: N/A
Spring 2017 students: 2

Total graduates: 164
Spring 2017 semester total enrollment: 187

WSU is currently planning an Organic Agriculture Systems programs, targeted to begin in 2017.

Student demographics

Age 18-24:  53%   |   Age 25+:  47%

39% First in Family
96.3% Washington Residents
5% Military Veteran
27% Ethnic Minority
31% Pell Grant Eligible

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