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Services & Activities Fees (S&A) Overview

S&A Fees are paid by each student for the single purpose of providing non-academic programs and services for all students at Washington State University Everett.

Each year, the Services and Activities Fee Committee proposes and the Board of Regents approves program priorities and corresponding budget levels for University organizations funded by services and activities fees (S&A fees). The University collects these fees from students at registration and allocates the funds to student groups via the S&A Fee Committee.

Students and student organizations have the opportunity to apply for S&A fees for the upcoming fiscal year. The purpose of S&A fees and their funding considerations include:

  • Providing services/activities and capital/equipment projects that are not otherwise available
  • Providing a student environment which contributes to cultural and social growth
  • Providing a reasonable balance between events aimed at attracting the highest student attendance and events aimed at specific community and/or cultural events

Learn More about S&A Fee Spending Guidelines

2017-18 S&A Fee Committee Members:


  • Cathy Wright, S&A Fee Committee Chair
  • Erin Armstrong, S&A Fee Committee Finance Officer
  • Holly Longman, S&A Fee Committee Member


  • Brandon Clark, ASWSUE Senator, IEEE, EE major
  • Caity Kilgore, HBM major
  • Samantha Chapman, COM major
  • Eric Kopicky, Engineering Club Treasurer, ME major

Learn How to Apply for S&A Fees

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