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Student CARE Committee

Student CARE Committee

The WSU Everett CARE Team is dedicated to the success of each student academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The purpose of this team is to identify and develop a plan for those students that may be experiencing more than ordinary transitional issues and may need a member of the committee to check in or offer assistance in some way. Through this outreach, it is our goal to make students aware of the resources that are available to them and help them to be successful.

Signs of Distress – It is imperative that we keep in mind that individuals may or may not show these behaviors in isolation, and individuals may be demonstrating these same behaviors at different touch points with different staff, faculty and peers present. This is why the work of the CARE team is so integral as it fosters an environment of support and transparency. The list of behaviors provided in the Signs of Distress PDF is not exhaustive or inclusive of all behaviors that should be reported but is intended to be a useful preliminary resource or guide.

CARE Report – If you’re a student or staff and are concerned about the psychical, social, emotional, behavioral and psychological well being of a student, peer, or friend, please file a CARE report.

file a CARE report HERE.


Committee Members:
Anna McLeod, Hospitality Business Management & Data Analytics Academic Coordinator, Chair
Dr. Mark Beattie, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Hospitality Business Management Professor
Dr. Bolong Zeng, Software Engineering Professor
Dr. Robert Richardson, Integrated Strategic Communication Professor
Dr. Jacob Murray, Electrical Engineering Professor
Dr. Haijun Li, Data Analytics Professor
Dr. Gordon Taub, Mechanical Engineering Professor
Kari Mikesell, Administrative Assistant for WSU College of Medicine

Ex-Offico Team Members:
Nathan Deen, Assistant Attorney General, WSU Pullman
Chett Hill, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Northwest Consulting