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WSU Everett Latest News

Latest News

Governor’s operating budget proposal funds top WSU priorities

Governor Jay Inslee released his 2017-19 supplemental operating budget proposal today, providing funding for WSU priorities going into the 2018 legislative session.

Notably, the proposal provides the $1.272 million necessary for the WSU Energy Program to administer a new renewable energy incentive program. Legislation directing the administration of the incentive program was approved late in the 2017 session but was not funded.

The governor’s proposal also includes $500,000 for WSU to hire a full-time director and support staff for the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials (JCDREAM). This appropriation would also support a competitive research grant program for the center, which is a collaboration with the University of Washington and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

You can learn more about WSU’s budget requests here.

The unveiling of the governor’s budget proposal sets the budget writing process in motion. The 60-day supplemental legislative session convenes on January 8, at which time the House and Senate will begin crafting their supplemental proposals.


WSU Everett hosts first research symposium on earth abundant materials

Washington State University’s (WSU) newest campus in Everett hosted a symposium for the Joint Center for the Deployment and Research of Earth-Abundant Materials (JCDREAM).

The symposium focused on the future of using earth abundant materials instead of rare earth elements, precious metals and so-called ‘conflict minerals,’ which are essential to nearly all of the electronic devices people use each day. That includes your car, computer and all of your lights.

Joint Center for the Deployment and Research of Earth-Abundant Materials

JCDREAM’s vision is to establish Washington State as a national leader in the development and commercialization of next-­‐generation clean energy and transportation technologies toward the goal of achieving:

  • national industrial supply-chain security,
  • economic sustainability, and
  • sound environmental stewardship.

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