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Meeting Room Rentals

Renting meeting space at WSU Everett

If your organization is interested in hosting an event or meeting at WSU Everett, please fill out this form and email it to Brandon Buckingham for scheduling and a quote. WSU Everett staff will then be able to determine if WSU Everett has appropriate facilities for your use. Please review our room rental rates here. Additional fees may apply and are subject to change. Weekends are unavailable for space rentals. If you desire a special layout, WSU Everett staff will assist with moving tables and chairs to accommodate your meeting or event for an additional fee. WSU Everett does not have event-specific furniture such as dinner- or cocktail-tables, linens or flatware. Those items must be ordered by the event host or the caterer.

Catering & Equipment Rentals

For catering and rental equipment needs, WSU Everett has had success with:

The Catering Company | Email
Lombardi’s Catering | Email
Chef Dane Catering | Email
Red Cork Bistro | Email
Jimmy John’s

For equipment rentals, WSU Everett has had success with:

Abbey Party Rentals | Email 
Cort Party Rental | Email

Special Licenses and Permits

Banquet Permit: Allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Banquet Permits are available online.

See more images of the types of rooms available by clicking the images below:


Large Classrooms
Small or Medium Classrooms
Computer Lab


Campus Emergency Procedures

Please register for Rave Emergency Alerts. These alerts cover emergency situations at Everett Community College (EvCC). The Everett University Center (EUC) is located on the EvCC campus, so these alerts apply to all EUC partners. Click ‘Register’ in the upper-right quadrant. An online identification from WSU or EvCC is not required.

The EUC is committed to maintaining the safety of the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the campus. As part of this commitment, provided in this site are descriptions of some actions which may be implemented in response to a campus emergency, as well as information on actions individuals may take in response to specific types of emergencies.

Pre-planning for an emergency will provide you with the best chance of escaping and avoiding injury. It is important to understand that there is often no “one size fits all” response to an emergency situation – circumstances will vary, and individuals must evaluate their surroundings an respond in the manner best suited to their own situation. In recognition of this, the EUC advises everyone to follow the “Alert, Assess, Act” model:

Be Alert to developing incidents, be aware of your surroundings, and know your escape routes

Assess your situation, determine how to respond

Act to ensure your own safety

Please explore the topics below to learn more about responses to specific emergency situations.

Emergency Procedures

In an emergency situation at the EUC, one of three responses will typically be advised by campus administration and local emergency responders. These are:



Shelter In Place


Register here for campus emergency alerts. These alerts cover emergency situations at Everett Community College. The EUC is located on the EvCC campus, so these alerts apply to all EUC partners. Click ‘Register’ in the upper-right quadrant. An online identification from WSU or EvCC is not required.