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IEEE WSU Everett – Board Members


jeremy_canariaMy name is Jeremy Canaria. I am a Senior in the Electrical Engineering Program here at WSU
NPSE. I am part of the inaugural EE cohort expected to graduate this May. If you don’t know me
personally, you have probably seen me around school. I am a very active presence here at WSU
NPSE. Aside from IEEE, I am a member of the Engineering Club, Society of Women Engineers
(SWE), and am one of three Senior Senators for WSU NPSE’s student government, the
Associated Students of Washington State University Everett (ASWSUE).

I was born and raised here in the Pacific Northwest. When my time isn’t occupied by school,
you will probably find me getting lost on a trail with my dog, working on a random D.I.Y.
project, or riding one of my MANY bicycles. I’m an avid cyclist/mechanic, I even play a
unorthodox sport you have probably never heard of called Hardcourt Bike Polo at both the
casual and competitive level. If you see me my bearded face or my long luscious hair around
campus, that’s weird because those are things that should be on my person at all times

Vice Chair

michael_austinHi I’m Mike Austin, and I am a generally optimistic electrical engineering student at WSU NPSE. I have taken on the commitment of pursuing this degree, because I have the dream of one day working in the private space industry. I transferred to WSU NPSE from Olympic College in Bremerton where I received my associate degree. I have chosen to pursue a career in electrical engineering, because of the inherent challenge and importance of solving real world problems.

I currently have the privilege of serving as the Vice Chair of WSU NPSE IEEE Student Chapter. I am also a treasurer and student senator in the Associated Students of Washington State University Everett, or ASWSUE.

I am originally from San Diego, but I recently moved to Western Washington. I must admit I carry a true obsession for science fiction media. I also can appreciate all genres of music. In the past, I have worked as a caregiver, and I have also worked as a bail bondsman. Now I spend my time studying for my classes, or having a cold beverage while enjoying television.


larei_branhamMy name is LaRei Branham. I am a junior in the Electrical Engineering Program here at WSU NPSE. Although I am primarily I am part of the inaugural EE cohort expected to graduate December 2017. I am a very active presence here at WSU NPSE. Aside from IEEE I am also a member of Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

I am currently a junior majoring in electrical engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering, and I plan to graduate in December, 2017 with a BA. While I attend WSU full time, I also have a part-time job to help pay for my tuition.

Although school and work manage to preoccupy a lot of my time, I still manage to work some time in for working on projects. Recently at the Everett community college, I was the president of the engineering club. Where I had the opportunity to work on the vertical access windmill and the delta style 3d printer. I’ll admit, I was much more involved with the 3d printer. (The picture on the far left.

The picture in black and green one is my personal printer and he picture on the right is the one I use at the internship with Thinkerblock. The internship with Thinkerblock consisted of applied science/ proof of theory. We used a CO2 laser cutter and the 3d printers for prototypes. Using the electronics and realizing how much most projects involved electrical, is actually the reason why I switched to electrical engineering.


mark_walshMy name is Mark Walsh. I am a junior in the Electrical Engineering Program. I have had an interesting and varied life. I am veteran from the United States Air Force. I graduated form Olympic College, Bremerton Wa. I have worked as a software engineer for a small company in Columbia, MD.

As an Air Force member I worked as a Aircraft Guidance and Control Systems Specialist on multiple aircraft throughout the world. I have traveled to every continent except Australia and Antarctica. I worked on three different aircraft models.

I am proud to be an IEEE member and treasurer. I feel as if we are at the precipice of greatest age in technology…and the most responsibility. Join us. Go Cougs!

Public Relations Officer

nicklaus_nelsonHi, I’m Nick and I am the Public Relations Officer. I’m 22, and live in Arlington with my girlfriend and our hedgehog. Hobbies of mine include hiking, reading and collecting comics, fabrication, and playing table top games.Growing up I always liked reading and learning about the sciences, and always enjoyed math. When trying to find a field of study when I started college, I wanted to use all of these passions. Now engineering is a perfect field for me, and I enjoy it immensely.

I’m pursuing an Electrical Engineering major and a Software Engineering minor. My fields of interest are autonomous space exploration robotics, robotic prosthetics, artificial intelligence, and green energy. No matter where I end up, I hope to contribute to expanding technology and building a better future. I joined IEEE to be connected to other engineers and so that I can be aware of the current knowledge in the field. I ran for Public Relations so that I can open up opportunities for the other members in our chapter so that they benefit from their membership as much as I will. Along with helping members, I hope to create outreach from the university to allow students in K-12 to learn and hopeful enjoy engineering.

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