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Dual admission


Apply to Washington State University Everett when you enroll at Everett Community College. When you meet WSU Everett qualifications, WSU offers provisional admission, which comes with a form that will be your guide for coursework, your ticket into appropriate WSU Everett classes and your assurance of acceptance to WSU Everett when you complete your community college experience with requisite coursework and grades.

As soon as you start your college experience, you will gain access to WSU Everett and Everett Community College advisers, who will provide you with personalized, strategic advising to maximize the effectiveness of your community college experience on your way to your bachelor’s degree. WSU Everett already hosts numerous clubs in engineering, communication and business that are open to collaboration with both WSU Everett and Everett Community College students! That academic support, face-to-face connection with faculty and engagement with fellow students has proven to be immensely important to completing a bachelor’s degree on time.

Student Affairs staff at each institution will help you identify financial aid opportunities, loans and scholarships. WSU Everett has an array of awards and scholarships for students who transfer to earn a four-year degree.



Many students choose WSU Everett because we offer a small-campus atmosphere and access to the resources and faculty of a public research university. When you choose WSU Everett, you can save about $10K annually by living at home and foregoing the cost of room and board. You will save more by completing your first two years of general education requirements at any community college. Get a high quality, affordable education at the only four-year research university in North Puget Sound.

EvCC is one of the top community colleges in the country and WSU is a top-ranked research institution providing a world-class education. More than half of WSU Everett students walked across the street to us from EvCC. WSU Everett students have a 91 percent on-time graduation rate.


Dual Admission at Washington State University Everett

The purpose of the Dual Admission program is to provide a smooth and successful transition for the student from a participating community or technical college to WSU Everett. Students who participate in the program are considered fully admitted to the community or technical college and conditionally admitted to WSU Everett. They will benefit from access to resources at both institutions during their academic career and be better prepared to transition into their baccalaureate program.


  • You must be currently enrolled at a participating Washington State community or technical college in a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree or applied/technical degree program.
  • You must meet WSU Everett’s admission requirements for transfer applicants.

Next Steps

  • Connect with a WSU Everett Advisor
    Let us know that you’re interested by completing the Everett Inquiry Form. You will hear back immediately from a WSU Everett Advisor who will guide you on your academic path to WSU Everett.

You can apply now to WSU Everett degree-completion programs in:

Learn more about EvCC programs, including ways to earn college credit in high school, at

We look forward to welcoming you as Trojans, and then as Cougs.

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