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Job Search Resources

Tips for starting your job search

  1. START EARLY! Applying for jobs and internships is very time consuming. Sometimes the hiring process is quick while some employers may take some time to get back to you after applying. You should be starting 3-5 months before you need a job and/or internship.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Anna McLeod to review your resume, cover letter, as well as assistance with interviewing and the job search. Please email Anna at
  3. Read your student newsletter every Monday during the school year for job posting announcements.
  4. Start with your personal network (contact family, friends, peers, current/past supervisors, professors and advisors).
  5. Contact former employers to inquire about whether they would serve as a reference for you.
  6. Do your research: search for professionals at companies you want to work at on LinkedIn and inquire about informational interview. Read company newsletter, professional magazines and journals.
  7. Join professional associations related to your field of study. Many professional associations have local chapters that offer discounted membership for students. These associations host networking events and it’s a great opportunity to meet people
  8. Build your skills: employers aren’t simply looking for students with good grades and a degree. They are looking for candidates with great leadership, conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Consider building these skills through volunteer work, internships, and participating in student clubs
General job boards (for all majors)
  • Handshake – A comprehensive job search website for WSU college students at all campuses. You can post your resume and cover letter, and employers can view and look for your resume. Career related events and resources are also posted here.
  • WSU Everett LinkedIn Page