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Apply for S&A Fees

Services and Activities (S&A) Fees

S&A Fees Allocation Request:

Welcome to the S&A Fees hearing and allocation process. This process is intended to serve as a guide to help streamline the S&A Fees process, and to inform you of the procedures the committee has implemented for this year. Listed below are the steps for application for the WSU Everett S&A Fee hearing and deliberations process.

Requests for S&A Fees may be submitted for:

  • 20-21 academic year funding
  • One-time funding

S&A Fee Allocation for the 20-21 academic year

Note: This is a projected dollar amount. The final budget will be based on total enrollment for WSU Everett during the fall and spring semester. Budgets have the potential to be flexed higher or lower based on total enrollment. The S&A Fee Committee will vote on an amount to be reserved for emergency funding.

Steps for Application:

1.) Complete the application packet

The required materials for the application packet include:

Cover Page:

    • Organization name
    • Representatives names & contact information (students only)
    • Adviser name and contact information
    • Signature block (adviser will sign and date the completed application)


  • The narrative will detail how the requested funds will be used to benefit student services and/or programs, and will also discuss the expected outcomes from the services and/or programs. Suggested length: one page (two maximum).
  • The narrative will also detail the expected number of students that will be impacted (either directly or indirectly) by the organization’s initiatives and requested funds pertaining to those initiatives.
  • Complete Budget Proposal


The S&A committee will utilize the following criteria when evaluating student organization requests and presentations.

  • Balanced Budget (20%)
    • Was an appropriate amount of funds requested?
  • Professional Presentation (20%)
    • Were the presenters prepared for the presentation? The Q&A segment?
    • Was the application packet organized and complete?
  • Spending of Previous Year Funding (20%)
    • What did you commit funds to for the 2016-2017 academic year?
    • Did your student organization participate in any outside fundraising?
    • Did you commit to utilizing the previous years funds in which they were intended? Why or Why not?
  • Impact on the WSU Everett campus (40%)
    • How many students participated in your programming?
    • Were your programs open and available to all students? If not, why?

2.) Present proposal and application packet to the committee

Register your group to present:

  • Submit complete budget proposal via email to
  • Request a time slot for your 20 minute maximum live presentation (Zoom) OR inform of a video submission option via email to

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Only students can present to the committee
  • There may be up to three presenters
  • Log into Zoom 5 minutes prior to presentation time on March 26, 2020 or submit your video by 5:00 pm, March 25, 2020
  • Deliver a 10-15 minute presentation to the committee, and 5 minutes will be designated for Q&A following the formal presentation (allotted maximum time per group, 20 minutes).
    • For video presentations try to answer questions you think the committee might ask if this was a live presentation during your 20 maximum minutes of video
    • Optional Visual Aids
      • Diagrams, pictures, PowerPoint, or other visual aids may be used but are not required
  • Adviser/Director is invited to attend the presentation. Adviser/Director cannot present on behalf of the student/student body
  • Adviser/Director’s may be referred to for questions during the designated Q&A portion of the presentation.
  • Presentations are public meetings so all interested parties may attend
  • Questions the committee may ask as a link for this Q&A list

The committee wishes you the best as you prepare your applications and look forward to hearing from you at the hearings