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Transfer course equivalency

Use this guide to see how your courses match up with WSU equivalents and find out which courses you should be taking to meet your future WSU requirements.

If your transfer courses were taken on a quarterly system, you’ll need to convert them to semester credits to see how your credit hours match WSU requirements. Simply multiply your quarter credit hours by .67 to determine how many semester credits you’ll receive. Using this equation, 5 quarter credits would convert to 3.35 semester credits.

Transferable degrees

Depending on the degree and the college, you may be able to get an associate’s degree and transfer with credit for the WSU general education (UCORE) requirements. Some two-year degrees can transfer directly into junior standing at WSU.

We have transfer articulation agreements for associate’s degrees earned from accredited public colleges in Washington, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, and Oregon. Generally, two-year degrees from states other than these will transfer on a course-by-course basis.

Click here for more on transferring an associate’s degree.


Some of our programs require specific prerequisite courses for certification into the major. See how your transfer work matches the prerequisites and plan ahead:

Running start

Running Start credit (or any other college credit earned in high school) will transfer in the same way as any college course — just have the college that offered the course send WSU an official transcript when it becomes available.

CLEP credit

To get credit for CLEP examinations, you’ll need to have a score report sent to WSU. Generally speaking, WSU awards credit for subject scores in the 50th percentile or better. For more information on CLEP credit, reach out to your academic advisor here.