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Joint Engineering Advisory Board

WSU  Everett
MME/EECS Joint Engineering Advisory Board


School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mission and Organization 

The primary mission of the WSU Everett Engineering Advisory Board is to assist the programs in developing strategic relationships within industry and the business community which will garner the necessary support to ensure the school can achieve its academic, research and outreach goals.

The Board’s secondary mission is to provide advice on current programs and future plans, augmented by group and individual actions on specific projects, and through general influence in support of the corresponding school.

The Board is not part of the formal structure of Washington State University, but is established by the WSU Everett MME/EECS Program Coordinators to serve as an important volunteer advisory, advocacy and support group for the programs.

The Board is composed of professionals from industry, private practice and government agencies with experience and current positions that will maximize their effectiveness. General meetings of the Board are held at least twice each year. Attendance and active participation in meetings and other board activities is expected. The meetings are designed to involve the members in an interactive way so as to maximize their opportunities for reaction and input.

Board members are appointed by the WSU Everett MME/EECS Program Coordinators after initial review by WSU MME and EECS faculty. Members serve three-year terms with reappointment possible. Upon completing board service members can choose to enter into emeritus board status. The MME/EECS Program Coordinators may call on individual members or groups of members to participate in ad-hoc committees or other activities to support the program between regularly scheduled meetings. Such activities may include providing advice on proposed initiatives, generating support for specific projects or helping to develop relationships with important external groups.

Advisory Board members should click here for Board documents. Please contact or for access.