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Transfer Credit

Washington State University in Everett offers degree completion programs only. Students should complete as many of the WSU general education (UCORE) requirements as possible before applying.

WSU degree programs may require specific prerequisites before beginning the major. Contact the academic department as soon as possible; if you can get started on your major prerequisites before you enroll at WSU Everett, you’ll finish your degree that much quicker.

Transfer credit is awarded in two ways: through a course-by-course evaluation or as part of a transferable associate’s degree.

While it isn’t necessary for admission, we recommend pursuing one of the transferable degrees described below. In most cases, this will fulfill the majority of the University’s general education requirements and enable you to transfer with junior standing.

International Students: If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America, please see the WSU Office of International Programs website to learn more about applying. Contact with any questions you may have.

Transferable associate’s degrees

The state of Washington provides uniform requirements for three specific types of transfer degrees.

Here’s a quick look at how most Washington community college transfer degrees will translate to WSU’s UCORE requirements.

If you have

You need

An associate of arts (DTA degree) Integrative Capstone course [CAPS]*
An associate of science – transfer degree
(AST-1 or AST-2)
  • Roots of Contemporary Issues course [ROOT]
  • A second course in [COMM] or [WRTG]
  • Diversity course [DIVR]
  • Integrative Capstone course [CAPS]*
Any other transferable associate’s degree Transfer courses evaluated on a course-by-course basis

* This requirement can only be fulfilled at WSU.

Direct transfer agreement (DTA) associate’s degree

If you’ve completed a direct transfer agreement (DTA) associate’s degree, you’ll get credit for the University’s lower-division University Common Requirements (UCORE) and will generally be given junior standing.

The DTA degree is recommended if you intend to apply for the integrated strategic communication or hospitality business management degree at WSU North Puget Sound in Everett.

These programs have specific certification requirements. Check with the program as soon as possible; it is a good idea to start fulfilling the certification requirements before you transfer. These courses are available at Everett, but you’ll complete your degree much faster if you take the equivalent courses at your current college.

Associate of science transfer (AS-T) degree (Tracks I and II)

If you have an associate of science transfer (AS-T) degree, you’ll generally be given junior standing when you transfer to WSU. However, the AS-T degree may not fulfill all WSU’s University Common Requirements (UCORE). See the chart above for the additional UCORE courses needed to graduate from WSU.

Transferring to WSU

The AS-T track II is recommended if you plan to apply for the software engineeringelectrical engineering or mechanical engineering degree at WSU North Puget Sound in Everett.

These programs also require specific pre-engineering courses. Contact the department as soon as possible so that you can take the equivalent courses at your current college before you transfer.

Associate of applied science transfer
(AAS-T) degree

If you have an associate of applied science transfer (AAS-T) degree, your credit will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. This degree doesn’t fulfill the WSU University Common Requirements (UCORE) and doesn’t guarantee junior standing.

If the equivalents weren’t completed while earning the AAS-T degree, you’ll need to finish those requirements after transferring to WSU.

Be sure to check the requirements for your intended major at WSU and contact the department during the year before you transfer. It’s a good idea to complete as many of the department’s prerequisites as possible before you arrive.

Degrees from states other than Washington

Arizona, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Oregon, and New Mexico have transfer equivalency agreements with the state of Washington. Associate’s degrees from colleges in these states will generally fulfill WSU’s general education requirements (the Washington UCORE standards), but may not guarantee junior standing. Associate’s degrees from other states are evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

More information on out-of-state transfers

Where to send your transcript

You may have your official transcripts sent directly to main campus in Pullman via mail or to the Everett location via mail or drop off. Everett location address is:

Washington State University Everett
Office of Admissions
915 N. Broadway
Everett, WA 98201

Or drop off at the first floor student services lobby, room 110 C
For questions, please contact the front desk at 425-405-1600


We’re happy to advise you on your options for applying.

For specific questions on how your associate's degree will apply toward your WSU education, contact a WSU academic program coordinator.

To find out how a course will transfer to WSU, look it up in our transfer equivalency database.

See the University's general education requirements and list of approved UCORE courses to find out how your credit matches up.

Does my college offer a transferable degree? The Inter-College Relations Commission (ICRC) handbook contains statewide standards for transferable degrees and courses; see page 21 of their PDF for a list of Washington community colleges that offer direct transfer associate's degrees.